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March 2020

Poppers Aren’t Addictive, Says New Study

A new study says that Poppers are not as addictive as some may think. If you have stepped a toe into the gay club world or the gay sex/hookup world, you’ve probably come across a bottle of poppers in your life. These little containers of Alkyl or Amyl Nitrate are often used as inhalant drugs for enhancing sexual experiences. But, the drug has gotten a bad rep of late and become associated with the gay sex and club scenes’ darker...

GSpot LoveStyle introduces its e-commerce site

Innovative Soweto adult entertainment retailer GSpot LoveStyle introduces its e-commerce site LoveStyle is a registered contemporary adult shop, the first of its kind in Soweto, Johannesburg, which opened its doors in October 2018.They believe sexual freedom, as the ultimate expression of self,  is what gets you passionate and inquisitive about getting you to own your sexuality. They aim to create healthy dialogue around sexual wellness, awareness, satisfaction and education.According to the owner, Mmathabo Ndlovu, the online store will offer...