Kegel balls are everywhere, and they come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. While they’re not all created equal, the intended purpose of most vaginal tightening balls is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. But, what are kegel balls exactly?

Most kegel balls are small, usually round or egg-shaped devices that are slightly weighted and inserted into the vaginal canal and instructed to leave in the body. It’s common to wonder “How do kegel balls work?”, and the answer is by creating resistance that the body needs to engage the pelvic floor or vaginal muscles to use to prevent them from falling out. In theory, this muscle engagement and increased blood flow can build strength over time.

When the pelvic floor muscles are stronger, this leads to stronger orgasms and sexual pleasure (two of the more exciting benefits!), better bladder control, vaginal rejuvenation, increased natural lubrication, and a whole host of preventative measures. It’s no wonder people wonder how to use kegel balls and how soon they can get their hands on them.