While anything that vibrates tends to feel pretty good on the clitoris, clit-specific vibrators (also called “clit stimulators”) are often smaller and easier to hold on to that area for more direct stimulation.

Clit vibrators also come in a spectrum of shapes that can be fun to experiment with. There’s everything from small, bullet-shaped devices to broad, flat, pebble-like vibes. Many clit vibes are also designed to mimic the natural curvature of the vulva. This makes them particularly easy to hold in place during partnered play.

A lovely option for those who prefer external stimulation, clit vibes can also be used on the perineum, anus, nipples, penis, and testicles.


Bullet vibrators are small, external toys that are particularly handy for clitoral stimulation. They can also be adapted or added on to pretty much any other kind of toy you can imagine.

Bullet vibes are a great diagnostic tool for beginners who aren’t sure what size, shape, or strength they’re looking for. Vibes it doesn’t get much smaller than a bullet, and they only come in one general shape, so using one can help you figure out if you need something bigger or of a different design.

Ironically, despite their size, there’s a high degree of power variation in the world of bullets. As such, because they’re tiny, they’re ideal for use during partnered sex when folks want some extra sensation but don’t want a toy that gets in the way.