A vibrator is – drumroll please – any adult sex toy that vibrates. This vibration is usually accomplished using a powered motor (although some vibes have multiple motors).

Many people find vibration to be a pleasurable sensation. While this sensation can feel good all over the body, it’s particularly nice in erogenous zones like the clitoris, vagina, anus, and penis. These body parts contain high concentrations of nerve endings that are especially receptive to vibration. When you use a buzzy toy in those regions, the result is intense pleasure, an orgasm, or often both.

Vibrators are great tools for getting to know your body and learning to appreciate the positive sensations it’s capable of. They can also help you discern what feels good and what doesn’t – two valuable bits of info you can carry over to other sexual activities (such as masturbation and partnered sex) for even more enhanced pleasure.

Best of all, vibrators are good for you, too! Studies have shown them to improve mood, help with relaxation, boost sexual health, and inspire more enjoyable sex