Coquettish Widow Exciting Powder


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Coquettish widow powder is a female sexual enhancer which helps with libido and gives your body that little extra boost during intimacy.

The product is a white powder, with no taste and dissolves into any drink quickly.

This product is known for its soothing properties and is designed to ease vaginal dryness which can result in unwanted friction during intercourse.

Coquettish Widow can effectively stimulate the female’s sexual nerve centre. It can also adjust the secretion of sexual hormones and enhance female libido. Therefore it will be easier for females to achieve orgasms and satisfaction during sexual encounters.

Coquettish Widow sex enhancement for women’s main ingredient is L-arginine: the most abundant of amino acids, it has been shown to help increase the level of nitric oxide that signals blood vessels to relax and dilate, keeping blood where it is needed and leads to increased sensitivity in the vaginal and clitoral area.

Dissolve one sachet in a beverage one to two hours before sexual stimulation

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Dosage: 1 full sachet in a glass of water or any beverage of choice.

Precaution : Not recommended if you have had heart diseases or taking medication for heart related diseases.

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