Glow In The Dark Oral Sex Dice


Feeling a little orally fixated? Are you in the mood for a game of sexy chance? These Glow In The Dark Oral Sex Dice will make definitely, make sure that regardless of who rolls or what turns up, everyone gets lucky!

Starting, you’ll take turns rolling the two pink dice and following the illustrations. One will show an action and the other, a body part. Keep playing until someone rolls two wild cards, then, that person will give the yellow die a spin to see what position you’ll be indulging in.

Put your own spin on the dice combo you’re dealt, or follow it to the letter, it’s all up to you!



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Roll the Pink Dice for oral foreplay and select your own body part or action when you roll a wild.

Roll both wilds and you win, and get to roll the green oral sex die.

Then you decide which one of you assumes each position on the die roll.

Graphics are non-gender specific, so ANY couple can play.

Includes: 3 Glow-in-the-Dark Dice


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