Pau Yuen Tong Old Chinese Balm


An ancient Chinese balm, that is applied to the head of the penis to enable men with Premature Ejaculation to lead a fulfilling sex life. Premature ejaculation (PE) means coming too quickly, and it’s one of the most common of all sexual problems. In a recent survey of several thousand British males, approximately 10 per cent of them said that they often or sometimes had this trouble.

It is generally found that it’s more common in younger men – which is not surprising, as there’s a distinct tendency for it to improve with age. Men generally get better control as they grow older. However, a 2004 survey in Europe showed that many middle-aged men still have this problem. Fortunately, good treatments like China Brush and Pau Yuen Tong Balm are available.

This old Chinese herbal remedy has been tried and tested over many years.


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How do you apply Pau Yuen Tong balm?
•    Step 1: Apply a very small amount (about the size of a match head or grain of rice) to the brim (where the head meets the shaft) 3 hours before intercourse.
•    Step 2: Repeat Step 1 an hour after the first application.
•    Step 3: Repeat Step 1 an hour after the second application.
•    Step 4: Wait an hour after the third application
•    Step 5: Have fun!

Warning: This stuff is very strong.  You may experience a burning sensation if you use more than the recommended amount. Use this treatment sparingly you can always add but it is harder to take away, target your sensitive areas. Once applied allow approx ten minutes before sexual activity.



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