Satisfyer Penguin Air-Pulse Clitoris Stimulator


Adorably shaped like a penguin with a bow tie! Such a beautiful design, that you will want to have it in your home.

A few reasons why YOU should get it:

✔️ No one will notice what it is

With the appearance of a penguin, you will not have to hide it like other sexual objects.

✔️ The best for beginners

It is considered to be the best clitoris sucker for beginners.

✔️ You still don’t know what an orgasm is?

With this, it is even easier to get multiple orgasms!

✔️ There is no direct contact!

Clitoral stimulation by pressure waves, without direct contact.

✔️ Adjustable intensity

11 intensity levels that will help you receive the perfect stimulation for you.

✔️ It doesn’t make noise!

Silent mode, the noise is almost imperceptible.

✔️ Forget allergies!

Anti-allergenic silicone head.

✔️ The sensations are even better underwater

IPX7 protection, which makes it waterproof, so you can immerse it and use it underwater. (Thus, the sensations increase).

✔️ Infinite softness

Silk touch, with its soft silicone coating.

✔️ Patented Air Pulse technology

The technology patented by this brand stimulates by blast waves, and thus there is no direct contact with the clitoris.

✔️ Does not cause irritation in the clitoris

With the new model, the head is larger, so now there is no direct contact, and in this way, it is not irritated. This way you will be able to enjoy numerous orgasms without problems.

✔️ Improves blood circulation

Its vibratory waves make blood flow easier through the clitoris. This makes the area much more sensitive, and thus reaching orgasms is much easier. And that is one of the great powers of this sucker. In addition, this advantage is very beneficial for people with low sensitivity and anorgasmia.

✔️Stimulates the entire clitoris

The Satisfyer stimulates the entire clitoris, both inside and outside, thanks to its shock waves. This makes orgasms stronger.

✔️ You can get into the water

And this is a great advantage since, in fact, its effect is even more intense underwater! What are you waiting for to try it?

✔️ Power, design and balanced price

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation is the most balanced model in power, design and price. Therefore it is the model that we recommend to all beginners.

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  • Weight: 3.6 oz, 101 g
  • Dimensions (length x width x height): 108 x 58 x 55 mm.
  • Nozzle opening size: 14 mm.
  • Power: rechargeable lithium battery with a magnetic charger (USB charging cable included)
  • Material: ABS plastic and silicone
  • Colour: Black and white, with a purple bow tie.


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