Behave! Sensuous Candle Pack


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Have a sensual night in with your lover and get them all aroused as you rub your hands all over their body and massage in the warm wax to get them ready for more intense play later.

Form a deeper connection with your partner and take your time as everything is not always a race. You can both have a bit of fun with these candles and take turns touching each other all over for a bit of fun.

Key features of the Sensuous Candle Pack:

  • Skin-pampering
  • Increases blood flow, relax muscles and joint stiffness
  • Can treat muscle spasms and sprains

How to use The Sensuous Candle Pack:

These candles burn at a low temperature, so the wax does not get too hot when its ready to pour onto skin. Gently pour wax onto your partners skin and rub in massaging as you go. The candles will give you a relaxing sensation that will help soothe the soul and get them into the mood.

How to care for this product

Keep these candles in a warm dry location to get the longest lifespan out of them.

Enjoy indulging your partner with the titillating sensation of wax on the skin. Each candle has a special meaning so that the night is a magical moment.

  • Blue: Tranquility
  • White: Purity
  • Red: Passion

Give your imagination free reign.

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  • Material: Paraffin Wax
  • Product Size: 18cm*1.5cm
  • Product Weight:0.081kg
  • Burns at low temperature, slick, skin-pampering.

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