Stimul8 S8 Strawberry


Stimul8 S8 lubricant with a delicious, non-chemical, strawberry flavor! For more pleasure with oral sex. Apply it to the penis, clitoris, labia, balls, anus or yes: anywhere! And enjoy licking it off. Adds something tasty to all sexual activities. Have fun for a small price!

But that is not all: this is not just a lubricant. Stimul8 S8 lubricant is a high quality lubricant with a CE mark and Medical Grade Lubricant certification. It thus complies with all EU directives for intimate care products for now and for the future. And that for the lowest possible price. So you not only buy oral lubricant, but also toys, masturbating, handjobs and penetration are very pleasant with this high-quality lubricant.

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