Svakom Nova Kegel Exercise Balls (Set of 3)


The Nova Kegel balls by Svakom are luxuriously designed soft silicone kegel balls designed to help you strengthen your pelvic and vaginal area.

Featuring three sets of Nova balls, a carefully mapped out exercise programme takes you from Phase One (for first-time users) straight through to Phase Three (once your body has adjusted to the various weights). Assisting those who have either a loose vagina, postpartum recovery after birth, or even urinary incontinence, the Nova kegel balls with their graduated weights offer the perfect solution. With a singular ball weighing in at 49g, a secondary ball weighing 75g, and a third heavier kegel at 95g, your body adjusts to each weight perfectly, giving you the ultimate result in a stronger pelvic region, and a tighter vaginal canal.

Designed from smooth silicone, completely discreet, and 100% waterproof, you are able to wear your kegel balls no matter where you are. For up to 30 minutes a day, your kegel muscles adapt to each movement without any effort on your part. Insert them with a small amount of water-based lubricant and wear your Novas whilst walking, running, swimming or even doing the housework. With the built-in metal ball, each movement stimulates your pc muscles allowing them to contract and avoid the ball from slipping out, making your muscles stronger and stronger on each use.

Easy to clean, and with a gorgeous storage case, the Nova kegel balls are the ultimate solution for anyone looking for a stronger pelvic and vaginal region

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  • Nova Kegel Exercise balls
  • Three variated balls to take you from Phase 1 to 3
  • 49g, 75g, 95g
  • 135mm to 162mm in length
  • Exercise regime included in booklet
  • To be worn daily for 30 minutes a day
  • Soft silicone
  • Perfect for postpartum, urinary incontinence and tightening of the vagina
  • Built-in metal ball to assist with PC muscle contractions


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