Truth Or Dare Erotic Couples Edition Game


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69 questions – the truth is all that matters. 69 challenges – for those who dare.

This erotic game for two contains 69 very intimate questions and 69 provocative dares. This bold and intensely exciting game will bring you and your partner much closer together, both between the sheets and beyond.

This boldly erotic game was created for one couple, but you can also play it with more. In that case, will you choose your own partner when it’s your turn to take a dare, or…? Decide together what you’ll both enjoy most.

Toss the included Truth or Dare chip to determine which kind of card you draw.

On a TRUTH card, you only earn points for an honest answer the more detailed, the better. On a DARE card, you earn points by completing the provocative challenge.

The number of hearts on each card determines how many points you can earn. Did you draw a question or dare you really don’t want to answer or perform? No problem but the points for that card are subtracted from your score. Anything goes, but nothing’s a must. How far do you dare to go, together?

You can play Truth or Dare Erotic Couple(s) Edition as a couple, or with multiple pairs of partners. This bold and hot-blooded game guarantees a candid, exciting and fun-filled time. If you’re playing for points, decide beforehand what the winner can expect (from the loser).

It’s time for Truth or Dare Erotic Couple(s) Edition! Who’s up for the challenge?

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A taste of the questions and dares:

  • For at least 30 seconds, pantomime how your orgasm slowly builds up until you ultimately explode. Use your whole body if you need to, and don’t forget to add in the sound effects.
  • What, sexually speaking, would you love to do with your partner that you’ve never done with him or her?
  • Do you dare to take the bet that you can find at least five of your partner’s erogenous zones using only your tongue? Your partner will be fair but strict in judging your success. Ready, set, go!

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